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Different types of earthmoving equipment
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8 January 2021
22 July 2024
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Here at Kawana Equipment Hire, one of the popular types of equipment many of our customers come to us for is earthmoving equipment. Below, we have put together a helpful summary of the different types of earthmoving equipment we provide, along with their different uses and benefits.  

Dingo hire Sunshine Coast

A popular form of earthmoving equipment for many years, Dingos are a type of mini excavator which are regularly used for digging and other basic excavation work. These days, there are various types of Dingos which will all operate a little differently. Here at Kawana Equipment Hire, our Ozzy Dingo K9-P’s provide many features which make excavation and DIY projects a breeze. This particular piece of earthmoving equipment is 1030cm wide, with a bucket capacity of .11 cubic metres. The trencher offers a digging width of 150mm and goes 700mm deep. This Dingo hire includes a trailer and all other necessary attachments. 

Excavator hire 

The Kawana Equipment Hire team also provides a 1.7 tonne excavator hire for larger projects requiring more power. Three different sized augers are also available in 300mm, 350mm or 450mm, which means there is a perfect size to suit the requirements of most jobs. One of the key excavator brands we hire out is Kubota—an Australian brand which is well known for its quality earthmoving equipment. In terms of mini excavators, the Kubota 1.7 tonne sets a benchmark. It has been designed to handle heavy loads but is still compact enough to fit into tight spaces and maneuver around with ease. 

Ask about our equipment hire today

Do you have a project in the pipeline that requires reliable earthmoving equipment? Here at Kawana Equipment Hire, we readily provide everything you need for your earthmoving needs. If you would like to know more about our equipment hire options, please get in touch with our team on 07 5493 4811 or stop by our Warana shopfront today. 

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