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Different drills and their uses
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16 February 2021
14 June 2024
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There are many different drills available to rent for those much-needed home repairs or seasonal DIY projects. Hiring a drill is much cheaper than buying one that you may seldom use, if at all. Naturally, when you rent power drills, you need drill bits as well. After all, what use is a power drill without the drill bits? There are different drill bit types; each drill bit is designed for a specific application and operated in different ways.
Do note that drill bits should not be used if they exceed the maximum drilling capacity of the power drill you are using. This will cause permanent damage to the power tool.   

Different drill bits & what they’re used for

High-Speed Steel Bits (HSS) – also called twist drill bits. These are the most common type of drill bits and are usually used for everyday materials like wood, metal and plastic. They typically have a cylindrical shank, though some are modified to feature a ¼ hex shank. HSS drill bits with titanium nitride coating extends the cutting life up to 4-6 times longer.
Brad Point (Wood) Bits – these drill bits have a W-point tip, also called a brad point tip, to allow the outside cutting edges to cut the diameter of a hole before the centre breaks through. This means the drill bit will not “grab” and will produce a clean hole. These are bits especially for wood and dowelling jobs and even some plastics.
Masonry Bits – made of tungsten carbide, these tipped bits are used on hammer drills for drilling into stone, concrete and bricks. These drill bits heat up rapidly, making the tip move and cause chipping while drilling. Withdraw the bit regularly to clean its flutes and always use the correct drilling RPM. 
Multi-Purpose Bits – these bits have a unique diamond ground tungsten carbide tip that is generally used for hammer and rotary modes. They can be used to drill into every type of material such as wood, masonry, ceramic tiles, plastic and metal.
Cobalt HSS Bits – made of precision ground solid cobalt alloy high steel, they are highly resistant to abrasion and high temperatures. These are used to drill into weld seams, bronze, cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel and other high tensile steels.
Spear Point Bits – these tungsten carbide-tipped drill bits are designed to drill smooth holes into porcelain, ceramic surfaces and glass (except toughened glass). They must be used at shallow speed with no hammer action and some coolant such as water or turpentine.

Finding the right drill for the job

Corded & cordless drills
Both power drills are known as drill drivers and are ideal for drilling holes or driving screws into most materials except masonry. Of course, the advantage of a cordless drill is convenience since you can use it anywhere. Corded drills need access to nearby electricity and extension cords. Corded power drills provide higher power at a constant rate and are ideal for heavier workloads and more challenging jobs. Cordless power drills with a higher voltage are more prominent and heavier.
Impact Driver
Impact driver power drills offer more power than standard drills. This is the perfect tool for projects that involve a lot of screws, like fastening deck boards or roof sheets and assembling flat-pack cabinets or furniture.
Hammer & rotary power drills
Both types of drills are ideal for drilling through hard surfaces like stone, concrete, rock and brick. Hammer drills have a hammer function that pounds the drill as it rotates. This function can be turned off to become a regular drill. Rotary power drills are powered by air pressure, provide more impact than hammer drills and are more durable.

Drills available at Kawana Equipment Hire

Coring drills – high-performance core drills ensure neat and effective cuts through hard surfaces such as stone, masonry and concrete.
TE 25 Hammer/Rotary Drill
TE 56 Hammer/Rotary Drill
TE 6 Hammer/Rotary Drill (Small)
Drill Magnetic (Bits not included)
Drill Right Angled
Impact Drill (13MM and 750W)
At Kawana Equipment Hire, all of our hire equipment is maintained to a high standard. We’ve been proudly supplying the Sunshine Coast for over 25 years. For different drills and other categories like portable toilets, pressure cleaners and more, call us on 07 5493 4811.

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